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Friday, 25 October 2013

I feel like a broken record...

...but I'm not the broken one! It's all the other people, the ones who don't understand the concept of "move to the back of the bus" (or away from the doors or to the end of the train...pick the applicable description).

Today, I get on the skytrain and there's a cluster of people holding the pole that's right in between the doors. They clearly all know they should move to let people get on more easily, but apparently they just don't want to. So instead of moving away from the doors, they all just shuffle around the pole clockwise. Yup, totally helpful guys.
Then some guy standing near the door gets asked to move (which would be totally acceptable except it was by some woman who wanted the fold down seat right next to the door and she was neither elderly nor disabled). Now sitting woman is in the way and standing dude has moved away from the door and is standing directly in between the first pair of seats. Not only is there more standing room past him, there are empty seats! He's so determined to stand in the way that even after I basically push him out of the way so I can move to the back of the train, he still just stands 2 steps further back, refusing to take the 2 extra steps and sit in a seat.

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