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Monday, 23 September 2013

Avert your eyes

Whenever I can hear someone speaking from across the skytrain, it is my natural inclination to try to figure out who is talking. So of course, when we got to a stop today and I hear someone saying, "Enjoy folks. Thanks for coming." and other such greetings one doesn't expect on the skytrain, I had to look to see who it was. Unfortunately in doing so I broke one of my own transit rules: "Don't make eye contact."

When I looked over towards the voice, I found myself eye to eye with self-appointed transit greeting man. Luckily the skytrain was full and we were several people apart, so I could quickly avert my gaze to avoid any unwelcome interaction.

In many situations eye contact is good. On transit, it is bad; eye contact only attracts the crazy. It is all the confirmation they need that you REALLY want to hear what they have to say. In the mind of the crazies, eye contact = let's be bffs. So unless you're craving your daily dose of crazy, just say no to eye contact.

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