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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Keeping it classy (with Transit Rule #1)

Over my headphones and from somewhere behind me on the skytrain, I hear some guy yelling at what I assume was his cellphone. He hangs up and a few seconds later there is this loud repeated banging noise. I look over and see angry yelling man doing what looks like kicking the skytrain door. Way to throw a tantrum, loser.

Then some guy from a few seats over says what we're all thinking, "Hey man, can you shut the f*#@ up?". I'm thinking to myself, "Oh no, this could end badly." Luckily some other guy distracted angry man by striking up a conversation.

That's one of those skytrain situations that can escalate quickly and leads to one of my rules for riding transit: "Always have an exit strategy."

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