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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Even seniors want to pass you!

To the 3 young able-bodied men walking down the stairs in front of me from the skytrain to the bus stop:
I know that trying to hold a conversation between 3 people while walking down the stairs is logistically difficult. There's always one person behind the other 2; it's hard to hear someone who is speaking away from you; and walking down stairs while looking up them is dangerous. As a result, you end up taking up the whole width of the stairs and moving slower than grandmas and the disabled. So here is my handy hint for trying to hold said conversation... DON'T! Just don't do it. Whatever you're saying, it's not that important. It can wait until you (and all the people stuck behind you) have arrived safely at the level ground that is the stop for the bus that we all might otherwise have missed.

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