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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Do you have a pass?

The 145 bus driver asked me this today as I got on the bus. So I pull out my pass and show it to him and refrain from sniping, "Of course I do," without actually showing my pass. 

Now, of course, it is completely his right to ask to see my pass, and I always show it on every other bus I ride. What makes me so irate when I get asked on the 145 is the lack of consistency. Probably 95% of drivers never ask to see your pass and some even wave you off if you stop to show it, so now we're all conditioned to get on the bus without showing a pass. After all, since 90% of the people taking the bus at SFU are students who get a upass, you're hardly gonna catch any fare evaders; it's more likely you'll catch some poor student who's paid for the right to ride transit, but forgot their pass at home that day. But of course, there's always that one driver who decides he's gonna be bus nazi for the day and looks at you like you're some sort of deliquent for not showing your pass. Yeah, I'm the bad guy for not anticipating your power trip today.

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