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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

It's so nice when everything goes right

Don't you love it when it's your first day of teaching for the quarter and you get up early so you'll get to school in time to do some prep before class. Then you're waiting for the bus and it doesn't show up. Ten minutes later when you've given up hope of an early bus, a bus shows up, but it's got the wrong number on it. Luckily the bus driver tells you it's actually the correct bus. However, then at every stop you get to listen to the bus driver scream out the bus number along with things like "let's go" and "what other bus runs here?" Then when you're almost there, you take an extra long stop for some other transit dude to get on the bus and try to fix it...because in the middle of the route seems like a good time for that.

I get it; it sucks that your bus is broken, but how exactly are the people at the bus stop supposed to know that? You can hardly blame us for being confused and slightly hesitant to get on the "55 to Alaska junction" when we're trying to get to UW. I've had bus drivers pull up to the wrong stop before, so sorry, but they don't get to be pissed at us for not just assuming they are driving the correct bus; I don't have that much faith in transit, or humanity for that matter.

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