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Friday, 3 October 2014

Adding injury to insult

For 3 days in a row now, I've arrived at the intersection across from my bus stop only to stand across the busy highway waiting an eternity for the light to change while watching my bus pull up to the stop, load and then drive away. Of course you know that the light changes 30 seconds after the bus pulls away.

As if that's not a crappy enough way to start my day, when I finally get on the bus I'm sitting in a seat minding my own business when some guy decides he wants to try to walk to the front of the bus while it's moving. This requires him to walk through the accordion part of the bus where there are limited handles. Clearly he does not understand his own balance limitations, because if he did he would have known that was a bad idea. Because if the bus happens to lurch while you're walking you might have to slam your foot down to catch your balance and it could land with the full force of your fat ass on some poor unsuspecting girl's foot.

My toes are still burning. TGIF?

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