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Thursday, 6 March 2014

The wet dog effect

Aside from the dampness, the lack of umbrella etiquette and just general unpleasantness of being on transit in the pouring rain, there's the smell; the skytrain or bus always has this faint smell of eau de wet dog when it's really raining. Today was particularly unpleasant as someone got on the skytrain one stop after me, not just smelling like wet dog which my brain has grown blissfully accustomed to ignoring, but smelling like they had taken a pair of dirty old sweat socks, dipped them in a puddle and carried them onto the train. It was a downright vile, sour, putrid smell; the kind that just when you think you've stopped smelling it you get a fresh waft that makes you uncontrollably contort your face in disgust. It was just how I wanted to start my morning.

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