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Monday, 22 July 2013

Standing is hard 2: So is my elbow

I accidentally clocked a guy in the head with my elbow on the skytrain today. It was actually an accident, not my usual passive-aggressive "accidental" bumping into idiots in my way. Also, clocked may be a bit strong. My elbow and his face certainly made contact; it was hard enough to feel, but not hard enough to hurt. Still, I felt bad ... briefly.

Then I realized how his face ended up in my elbow. I was getting up to leave the train, and so I was putting on my backpack. My elbow naturally swung out a little and that's when I felt his face. I assumed he was also getting off the train and I just hadn't seen him line up behind me. Oops, my bad, right? Wrong! He was literally trying to duck under my arm and practically slide right underneath me into the seat I was vacating.

Seriously...he was so desperate for that seat that he couldn't even wait until I was out of the way, never mind off the train. Plenty of seats were clearing, as many people were getting off at this stop, and he was already ahead of anyone boarding there for seats because he was on the train. That's some serious lazy that would rather take an elbow to the head than stand or even take a 'less desirable' seat.

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