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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Could you keep moving please?

I get to production station this morning, along with the hoard of other people getting off the skytrain, since school is back in session for the summer semester. There's a bus already at the stop with only the back two doors open. So most people, myself included, load through the middle door, then move to the front or back. Easy, right? Well as I've already observed many a time, there's always some self-centered idiot who stands just far enough into the bus that he's not "blocking the door", but you can't actually get past him to the rest of the bus. 

Today that guy was standing right between the seats just in front of the middle door, blocking an empty front of the bus. Neither he nor the guy behind him seem to see any problem with this. I, however, see the people behind me still trying to get on with the back of the bus mostly full. So I put on angry teacher voice and say, "Could you keep moving, please." The please may suggest politeness, but the tone, as several of my former students could attest, suggests 'do what I say before I attack you with office supplies'.

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